Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My 2010 Revelation

I get bored quickly and with alarming ease. Yet the older I get the more I suspect this may simply be the natural order of things. Romance fades. Ambitions shift. Goals should be dynamic. Living life one pleasurable pursuit at a time becomes tedious, a fading and unsatisfying, static conclusion. Just because the things that once captivated your attention cease to inspire does not necessarily mean they've become invalid or obsolete intentions. You're merely accepting them for what they are. They are the constants in your life. They are your security. Your comfort. Your peace. No one ever claimed carnal pleasure or immense satisfaction in stability. No one ever promised irrefutable evidence of achieving ones correct, chosen path. Euphoria is fleeting. A high you will vainly attempt to fuel. And that high will consume you; for it will never cease to be satiated. Sometimes the truth speaks from a peaceful place. Sometimes that which brings you the most pleasure will ultimately breed the most pain. Be open with your heart but don't be blinded by its pursuits. Geographically speaking your mind is closer to God. This rudimentary fact must not be overlooked. So much as we have the capacity to love and to lust, we have the responsibility and fortitude to be diligent with our actions. Live your life as if some day all of your thoughts, actions and intentions will one day be known. Let your moral foundation be your compass, your intentions the fuel to act. Introspection is one of the most frightening and difficult tasks we face. And yet is the ultimate catalyst for change. Darkness feeds on apathy. Stand for something. Aspire to become something. Do not hesitate in your convictions. Do not yield to your insecurities. Know thyself. I truly believe everyone has been endowed with a gift to share and a purpose to be revealed. Although we may never live to see or become open to receive our fate, we must have faith in its presence. Strive for greatness, for the best is yet to come.


  1. What a beautiful, introspective blog, things for me to think on in those words of wisdom. But I also think people must just take chances without thinking that much! Great things happen by chance while living your life, wonderous things that you could never have imagined. So I say go forward, take chances and live this wonderful life God has gifted us!

  2. What a beautiful introspective blog. But I think sometimes we shouldn't think to much we just must dive in an take a chance.Great things happen while we are living our lives. We just don't always see it until later. So I say live this great gift God has given us.